Penguins roll out.

Team work.  

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Heads up! The Pittsburgh Bald Eagle just caught a trout and brought it up to the nest! Quick!

If you want to watch a bald eagle eat a trout now is your chance.


Middle Hill. This was a tough one because of the snow squalls and bitter cold. Every so often when nothing seems to make sense I go back to a place where I’ve painted previously. This is what happened here. I like to revisit a place because the subject remains the same, but the painting experience creates a new piece. Days are different, seasons are different, I’m different. It is like seeing an old friend after a few years have passed. You notice the changes but it is still comforting.

Hi all, sorry it’s been forever since I posted.  Took a brief unannounced hiatus - but I had to come back to promote this fantastic blog.  Ron Donoughe is a Pittsburgh plein-air painter and is doing a blog of one painting from each of the 90 neighborhoods that makeup our beautiful city.  Check it aht.  

Ok not necessarily Pittsburgh anymore, but former Penguins coach Michel Therrien getting trolled by a little kid is hilarious.  

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On This Day in Pittsburgh History: November 3, 1939

Pittsburgh has its first movie “world premiere” in Hollywood style, with the showing of “Allegheny Uprising” at Loew’s Penn. Claire Trevor, one of the stars of the film, was among the guests. [Historic Pittsburgh]

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